Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) and Isa mail

Getting the mobile password

Using Isa mail with a mobile device requires a separate password known as a "mobile password". The mobile password is used only when Isa mail is accessed with something other than a web browser.

1. Open the link

2. Select "Email address confirmation" and log in

3. Click the button"Create Isa Mail Mobile Password"

4. You will see your mobile password on the page. Use this password whenever you are adding the Isa mail account to a mobile device.

Adding Isa mail account to the device

Note! This guide is for devices that have been updated with Windows Phone 8.1 update. For a bit older or outdated Nokia Lumia devices (Windows Phone 7.x or 8) the guide can be found from this link.

1. Open the "Settings" menu and select "email + accounts"

2. Select "add an account"

3. Select "Exchange"


4. Type in the following information:

Then select "sign in"

5. Type in the following settings:

Then select "sign in"

6. Select "advanced"


7. Type in the following settings:

Then select "show all settings"

8. As the account name type "Isa mail"

9. Scroll down and select which items you want to synchronize, and then select "sign in". Isa mail has now been added to the device!