Android devices and Isa mail

Android 5 and newer

Android 4 and older:

Getting the mobile password

Using Isa mail with an older mobile device requires a separate password known as a "mobile password". The mobile password is used only when Isa mail is accessed with something other than a web browser.

1. Open the link and log in

2. Select "User account and email"

3. Click the button Isa mail mobile password "Create password"

4. After a moment you will see your mobile password on the page. Use this password whenever you are adding the Isa mail account to a mobile device.

Adding Isa mail account to the device

Note! Do not activate an Android device using your Isa mail account! You can add an Isa mail account in addition to another Google account. The actual device activation of an Android device using Isa mail is not recommended. Isa mail is not everlasting, but only in use for as long as your studies at JYU continue. The University of Jyväskylä, IT Services and Google assume NO responsibility in case of problems if the device activation is done with an Isa mail account.

In this guide an Android 4.1 device by Samsung has been used. On different devices with different manufacturers it may look a bit different - but the principle is the same..

1. Open the "Settings" menu and select "Add account"

2. Select "Google"

3. The device will ask if you want to use an existing Google account or create a new one. Select "Existing"


4. Type in the following information:

Then select "Next" or similar.

5. The device will ask you to agree to a few terms of service / privacy policies of Google. Accept by selecting "OK"

6. The device may ask for credit card information. Select "Not now". Do NOT ever set up a credit card for your Isa mail account!

7. Choose which items you want to synchronize and then select "Next" or similar. Now the Isa mail account has been added!